Brahmastra Aerospace Systems present you with Stellaria, a gripping event that gives you the chance to put your knowledge and experience to the test. During this event, participants can unmask their knowledge about space-related topics. It will be a mind-boggling experience for all of you. The event will not only test your Space knowledge but also give you the chance to win Certificates.

Astro Quiz

Looking for a way to put your astronomy knowledge to the test? Fret no more, as STELLARIA BRAHMASTRA brings to you a fun-filled Astro quiz event catered to the space enthusiast in you! What better way is there to whet your knowledge than by taking a quiz? Hurry up, register for this cerebral event that not only ensures that you learn something new in the most exciting way possible but also accords you with certificates!


The astroquiz is designed for:
1. Undergraduate students
2.Class 8 and above students

Astro Photography

A photo contest could just be what you need to get your creative wheels turning. STELLARIA BRAHMASTRA presents you with the perfect opportunity to showcase your love for astrophotography. The event encourages innovation and aims to create new talent in the world of astrophotography. So, come join us with that award-winning shot of yours and get a chance to win exciting certificates!


The event is designed for two categories of participants:
1. Undergraduate students
2. Class 8 and above students